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Save time and improve engagement with an all-in-one school communication platform that brings everyone closer to your school.

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All your school’s digital communication from one spot.

SchoolNow is a complete communication platform with all the tools you need to better connect to families. Share stories, send important messages, post to social media, and manage a powerful website.


Messages and alerts

Staff can easily create and deliver branded messages via email, text, mobile app, voice, social, and website.

  • Multi-channel delivery - Create one message and deliver it via email, text, voice, mobile app, website, and social post.
  • Single dashboard - Control messages, permissions, users, and groups, and monitor engagement from a central dashboard.
  • Unlimited sending - No limit to the number of messages (text, email, voice)
  • Parent preferences - Parents' profiles can be adjusted to receive messages via the channels they prefer.
  • Reporting - Ongoing analytics let you examine engagement metrics and point you toward how to improve.
  • FERPA-compliant - Student and family privacy is certified by iKeepSafe.
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Social media

All your district and school news, stories, and social media combine into one SchoolNow feed.

  • SchoolNow feed - District and school feeds create personalized school experiences for families.
  • Social media management - Publishing, monitoring and reporting for all social networks, all in one spot.
  • Strategic tools - Create campaigns in Facebook, Twitter and SchoolNow feed to support communication goals.
  • Templates - Access hundreds of pre-designed, customizable templates for consistent branding.
  • Story sharing - Empower your staff with tools that make it simple to post stories.
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A hub of district and school info and a branded, professional resource for your entire school community.

  • School feeds - Live school and district feeds deliver personalized posts, website alerts, updates, and more.
  • Multi-site management - Centrally control multiple sites – district, school, and classroom websites from one streamlined platform.
  • Design for life - The look and functionality of your sites will always be current with lifetime design flexibility.
  • Intranet - Share district, principal, teacher and other staff internal communications in a secure way.

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Mobile app

Parents stay connected and staff can post stories and messages right from their phone or tablet.

  • Branded app - Depict your school or district brand consistently across mobile views.
  • Inbox and push notifications - Deliver personalized communications directly to parent inboxes and send push notifications about district, school, or classroom information.
  • Integrated calendars - District, school and classroom calendars enable everyone to sync events with personal calendars.
  • School and district feeds - Home to school and district posts and messages delivered to parents in personalized fashion.
  • Resources -Shortcuts and links to frequently accessed school info like forms, lunch menus, staff info, and schedules    
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